There are several projects that we are working on at the Dispersion. All of them deal exist at the intersection of technology and theology. One of our first projects (That has since been archived) was to write a series of articles exploring different theological topics.

Our name is a reference to Peter’s opening line in his epistle. The dispersion referred to Christians who had been spread out throughout the world after the persecution started. Peter’s audience was no longer geographically centralized, but was still centered on a shared faith in Christ. Our audience may be geographically diverse but we still share the central conviction of Christ and his atoning work.

Current Projects

Logos Documents

Logos Documents is a collection of resources for using the Logos Bible software. (Particularly version 8 and above) It has clippings, visual filters, search queries and a lot more.

Koine Online is a digital resource for learning and maintaining a usable skill set of Greek skills. Many seminary students spend years and thousands of dollars to learn how to read the Bible in the original languages, but then lose the skills due to lack of use. This resource is intended to be an aid in keeping those skills.

Koine Online