Will I Go To Hell For Smoking?

No, you will not. You will not go to hell for simply using any sort of substance, from sugar to crystal meth. The bible says that all things are permissible to any believer, but not all things are profitable. This is God’s stance on any substance. Take for instance alcohol. God was not shocked when humans made liquor. He did not think, “Shoot! Should have changed the chemical composition of some energy transfers so that they couldn’t make liquor!” No, as a matter of fact God made everything that a man could need to make all sorts of alcoholic beverages. Does that mean that everyone should drink? No. Each of us are designed with a certain level of tolerance towards things that make us feel good. I have an addictive personality, so instead of taking one cookie I take five. I will probably never drink, because I know that I can’t just have one drink. I will need more and more, because that’s the way that God made me. Someone with more control should not be restricted to not drinking because of my lack of restraint. I am too young to drink under the law. Even though there is nothing wrong with drinking according to the bible, every Christian is called to follow the laws of land. This means that most substances are out of the question. Most drugs are out of question, and alcohol is illegal for those under 21, and tobacco products are illegal for those under 18. Though it is not against the laws of God for those under 18 to smoke specifically, it does say that the laws of man should be followed as long as they do not directly contradict the teachings of the bible. Another time to avoid using substances is when you are around people who are recovering from addiction. It would not be wise to host a recovering addicts bible study in a bar. It is not wise to pull out a pack of cigarettes next to someone who is trying to quit smoking. We need to be smart about what we do and who we are doing it around. We need to sacrifice for our friends, in order to help them along in their walk towards overcoming an addiction and following God. Some conservative movements in Christianity have made it seem like Christians should avoid alcohol and other substances at all cost. Unfortunately this doesn’t ring true when lined up with the bible. Jesus drank wine, he made water into wine. When questioning whether or not you should consume a substance, ask yourself a few questions. Is this substance going to control me? Am I going to use this to replace God’s direction and love in my life? Is it legal for me to use this? Is there anyone around me who would be hurt by my use of this substance. All things are permissible, but it takes discernment it see what is truly profitable.

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